In-Person Worship Will Resume on June 28th

Please click here to read about safety protocols for in-person worship that will be followed until further notice.

Special Congregational Meeting:
Sunday, July 12, 9:45 am

The Congregation Council has accepted the recommendation of the Call Committee to present Pastor Ioan Ittu (pronounced you-wan e-too) to the congregation to be called as the next pastor of St. Paul. With excitement for our future, a special meeting of the congregation is set for Sunday, July 12, at 9:45am to present Pastor Ioan to you and to affirm and celebrate his call to St. Paul. This meeting is required in our Constitution C9.01 which states “Authority to call a pastor shall be in this congregation by at least a two-thirds vote of voting members present and voting at a meeting legally called for that purpose.” Furthermore, 25 voting members shall constitute a quorum (C10.04).

Home Stretch!

Now that Spring Break is almost over, we’re definitely in the home stretch as the end of our “church school” year approaches!   I have just a few items to keep you up to speed…

There is no Sunday School this upcoming Sunday (March 19).  We will resume on March 26.

God Squad resumes this upcoming Wednesday, March 22.

On April 12, our God Squad kids will have a small Easter celebration in addition to class.  More details to come!

On April 16, we will have an Easter Egg Hunt in between services following breakfast.  All candy donations are appreciated!

God Squad will end a week earlier this year to line up with the end of Confirmation.  Our last God Squad will meet on April 26.
The end of the year party for both God Squad kids and Sunday School kids will be held on Sunday, April 30 from 9-10:30.  We will have donuts and activities just like last year.

We plan to continue our summer programming this year and I’ll have those dates soon.  We’ll do a gardening, art, cooking and hopefully quilting seminar for the kids.  Those dates will be announced soon.

Save the date for Vacation Bible School August 7-10 for Pre-K (3 and 4 year) through sixth grade.  We will need youth helpers for this event, so any incoming 7th-graders and up can volunteer to assist with the event!  Adult volunteers are also needed.  Volunteers can do the full day event, or half day.

As always, I’m having so much fun with your kiddos this year!  If you ever have questions please feel free to contact me via email at or text/call at 641-895-5177.  I feel like we all talk so much in person that most of our bases are met, but I definitely want to make sure everyone gets what they need from me in terms of communication!   Thank you all!


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