Epistle #47: “Trusting God”

  Dear St. Paul family and friends, I am writing this on a Sunday morning and really missing everyone and worshiping together.  I am very thankful for Pastor Brian’s online sermons and have really enjoyed listening to them.  It is … Read More

Epistle #46: “Let it go”

Let it Go Our youngest granddaughter struggled at an early age to find her voice… literally. As an infant she suffered from shaken baby syndrome. She entered our lives from an intensive care unit of a hospital, where our adult … Read More

Epistle #45: Sunday Message – May 31st

Order of Worship Greetings, St. Paul friends and family, and welcome to Pentecost Worship! Following is the service for this Lord’s Day.  As we turn to the LORD, let’s take a moment to bow our hearts before Him now. Confession … Read More

Epistle #44: Saturday Update

  1)  Look for the Pentecost Sunday worship service outline coming to you first thing this Sunday morning in Epistle #45. You will be in for a special experience with the opening hymn, “O Day Full of  Grace” which comes … Read More

Epistle #43: Wednesday Epistle

I don’t dance, but I know people who love to do that very thing. One afternoon I asked my little neighbor girl if she liked to dance.  She replied, “Oh yes. And the thing about dancing is that even if … Read More

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