Epistle #8: Friday Updates – 4 Things to Know & Tell

1) THANK YOU FOR YOUR SHINING LIGHT Perhaps you are familiar with the phrase “ Rising to the occasion”? Oh my goodness, but St. Paul-lites (St Paul-lights!) are special people! This unique time in our history is precisely when we as … Read More

Epistle #7 – Good Infection?

In his book Mere Christianity, CS Lewis reminds us that: “Good things as well as bad, you know, are caught by a kind of infection.” Hmmm…… Lewis goes on to describe a type of common sense basis for this concept, … Read More

Epistle #5 – Encouragement from Mom

As we have been queuing up our series of EPISTLES TO ST PAUL I reached out to my mother to ask if she would be willing to offer up a letter to us all. (An honorary member of the St. Paul community, … Read More

Epistle #3 – Where is God?

During these interesting and frightful days, many of you may find yourselves asking this question: “Where is God?” I do too. Given the fact that I wear the yoke of responsibility as the spiritual shepherd of our St. Paul flock, … Read More

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